ERROR: Cannot load message class for [stereo_msgs/RectifiedImage]. Are your messages built? [closed]

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these answers did not help me.

in my workspace, I have my custom message stereo_msgs/RectifiedImage.msg I want to publish that.

when I do rostopic list, I can see "/mycustomtopic"

but when I do rostopic echo, "ERROR: Cannot load message class for [stereo_msgs/RectifiedImage]. Are your messages built?"

my_msg_pub_ = nh.advertise<stereo_msgs::rectifiedimage>("mycustomtopic", 1);

this is in my main function

and in my callback function (i am subscring to other message type),


pls help me out

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Are they? What is the output of rosmsg show stereo_msgs/RectifiedImage?

yigit gravatar image yigit  ( 2015-07-18 18:05:06 -0500 )edit