my rqt_graph show problem

asked 2015-07-03 22:59:49 -0600

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updated 2015-07-04 01:59:58 -0600

Hi, guys, I typed "rosrun rqt_graph rqt_graph" in a new terminal as the tutorial "Understanding ROS Topics" tells, and then I saw a graph in a mess: the font is too large,and there are two rectangles and ellipses overlapped with the words.

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Show us your rqt_graph window. You can use to upload your image and paste the url in your question.

Po-Jen Lai gravatar image Po-Jen Lai  ( 2015-07-06 02:41:19 -0600 )edit
songde721 gravatar image songde721  ( 2015-07-06 07:08:18 -0600 )edit