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Control a robot with 2 motors and a H-bridge with Arduino and ROS?

asked 2015-06-22 10:24:47 -0500

Dynamite gravatar image

Hi all.

Does any one have a project which makes you connect an arduino to ROS, in order to control a robot with two motors connected to a h-bridge, just as a beginner project to get started?

Thanks, best regards!

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hey, did you find a way to it? I need exactly this right now.

Rai gravatar image Rai  ( 2017-03-10 04:32:59 -0500 )edit

Hey unfortunately not. I have tried to learn more c/c++ programming meanwhile and maybe I should look into it again. Any way if you figure it out or find more information please share it here for all to see. Thanks.

Dynamite gravatar image Dynamite  ( 2017-03-10 04:55:18 -0500 )edit

Yeah,I'll make sure to share it here if I come up with something useful, thank you

Rai gravatar image Rai  ( 2017-03-10 05:31:24 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2015-06-22 15:11:47 -0500

duck-development gravatar image
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answered 2015-06-22 12:27:42 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

Have a look at the ros_arduino_bridge package. It does exactly what you want and has reasonable examples.

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I have the same problem but I have to use raspberry pi3, so I think that this package is not fine for me, isn't it? It's a univ.ersity project and I am going crazy!

v.leto gravatar image v.leto  ( 2019-08-29 14:59:24 -0500 )edit

@v.leto: it sounds like your question is different from the original question here. I'd suggest you ask it as a new question, but it looks like already have, and have some better feedback there:

ahendrix gravatar image ahendrix  ( 2019-08-30 11:06:43 -0500 )edit

yes, I have written my own question but without succes...

v.leto gravatar image v.leto  ( 2019-08-30 13:49:10 -0500 )edit

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