Recording and Playback for an arm manipulator

asked 2015-06-15 00:52:06 -0500

Sphenops gravatar image


I am working with a 7DOF arm assembled using Dynamixel servos. The necessary files are configured to match the servos in the arm for communicating with the dynamixels(Dynamixel ros package). The scripts provided in the CLAM arm package ( ) are used for recording and playingback. On analysis of the code I got the following understanding:

While the arm is moved manually, each of the Dynamixel id and corresponding positions are captured in the subsciber and dumped in a file. Then while playing back the corresponding dat file is opened and playedback. While doing this it is seen that the motion of the arm is very jerky. Can anyone please suggest me a way to eliminate this jekiness in the arm while playing the recorded files.

Thanks in advance.

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