how can I use sdf2rviz node?

asked 2015-05-21 12:25:20 -0500

Zargol gravatar image

I want to use the sdf model of gazebo in ros, there is a package

I followed the tutorial:

  1. run gazebo
  2. add a gazebo model
  3. run the Rviz
  4. add tf and marker
  5. run the roslaunch: roslaunch gazebo2rviz gazebo2rviz.launch

but I could not see the tf of models inside the Rviz.

Do you have any experience with this package?

I tried to use this command also but it does not work:

roslaunch gazebo2rviz sdf2rviz.launch model="./polaris_ranger_ev/model.sdf"

how should I launch the sdf2rviz.launch?

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