Current best way to create android core msgs [closed]

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I was wondering whats the best to build custom msgs for ros-android core package. It would be in rosjava but do I have to do it externally ? Like here :

I came across this post from 2012, but I m sure a lot of things have changed since. My current rosjava_messages in indigo folder doesnt contain any source files, just git repository links. So I m not sure, if I should be creating something out there?

Another issue of mine is that my android project folder is different fror rosjava installation. So if I were to source android workspace in one terminal and create the msg folder as suggested here,

I cant build rosjava_messages. Because a) I have sourced android project folder and roscd doesnt find rosjava_messages. b) Even if I were to source rosjava installation folder now, I can roscd into rosjava_messages but my orginal /msg folder is no longer reachable c)As I mentioned above, rosjava_messages has no actual source files ../gradlew install returns bash: ../gradlew: No such file or directory

Could someone point me to the current way to write custom msgs thats not dependent of rosjava installation folder

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