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Gazebo version collides between Indigo and Jade

asked 2015-05-01 21:28:16 -0500

130s gravatar image

updated 2015-05-07 00:27:41 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

To finish installing ros-jade-desktop-full on Trusty, I had to uninstall Gazebo2 and install Gazebo5 related packages, which break many Indigo packages that transitively depend on Gazebo2 (via gazebo_ros etc.) I see at least 2 problems here:

  • (As of now) there doesn't seem to be rosdep keys for ros-indigo-gazebo5* packages, which is suggested here. So I'm afraid changing dependencies in the package.xml files for the packages that depend on gazebo is not yet possible (e.g. I get $ rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -r -y --> Cannot locate rosdep definition for [gazebo5_ros_control]).

  • In the first place Indigo's official hosted Gazebo version is 2.x, based on which I bet there are projects that define the system requirement.

Is there any solution to keep me working on both ROS Indigo and Jade on the same OS, using both Gazebo2 and 5?

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Same here. The deb packages sdformat-sdf and libsdformat2, which Jade depends on, collide with libsdformat1, which Indigo depends on.

Martin Günther gravatar image Martin Günther  ( 2015-05-26 04:40:37 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-06-03 20:18:49 -0500

William gravatar image

There is not, we knew going into this that gazebo2 and gazebo5 could not be installed side-by-side and that would mean that ros-indigo-gazebo-ros-pkgs and ros-jade-gazebo-ros-pkgs could not be side-by-side installed. See:

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