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I'm using a pioneer with a camera on top, and I'm trying to make the robot reach a position by reading an Aruco from the camera.

The problem is that the camera is not updating the values fast enough. So the robot is blind and form time to time gets a reading. I think the callback is just too slow.

How can I speed this up? I tried increasing the rate of my program form 20hz to 100hz and it didn’t work. Changing the urdf of the camera from 30 update rate to 50 will do anything?

Any suggestions? Maybe it can be Gazebo that is just not publishing fast enough?

EDIT: The camera is working fine I just echo the topics, the callback is just not getting them for some reason.

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As a first step I would suggest you measure the time your callback needs. Second step: Post the code of your callback.

BennyRe gravatar image BennyRe  ( 2015-04-22 04:09:02 -0600 )edit

I made a mistake in my code.

Thx so much for the help friend.

End-Effector gravatar image End-Effector  ( 2015-04-22 04:34:05 -0600 )edit