Robot Localizing and path finding : lsd_slam Error

asked 2015-03-17 07:36:15 -0600

KDROS gravatar image

Hello, I am using lsd_slam for localizing and mapping the robot while motion. I built lsd_slam successfully and trying to run example bag file given in site Lsd_slam GitHUb, But nothing is coming in Viewer.

How should I calibrate camera for using this?

Is there any another package for localizing and path planning Robot using single camera?

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Solved :-)

KDROS gravatar image KDROS  ( 2015-05-11 04:42:16 -0600 )edit

@KDROS so, did you use lsd_slam for odometry of your robot ?

hashim gravatar image hashim  ( 2016-07-14 07:06:25 -0600 )edit