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Integration of JOpenShowVar with ROS

asked 2015-03-07 02:26:53 -0500

filipposanfilippo gravatar image

JOpenShowVar is a Java open-source cross-platform communication interface to Kuka robots that allows for reading and writing variables and data structures of the controlled manipulators. This interface, which is compatible with all Kuka robots that use KR C4 and previous versions, runs as a client on a remote computer connected with the Kuka controller via TCP/IP. JOpenShowVar opens up to a variety of possible applications making it possible to use different input devices and to develop alternative control methods.

JOpenShowVar is an open-source project and it is available on the Internet under a Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license at, along with several detailed class diagrams, all the mechanics, hardware schematics and demo videos.

I am one of the authors of JOpenShowVar and I was wondering if there is any possibility to integrate our interface to ROS. I am not very familiar with ROS, therefore I was wondering what are the requirements for a possible integration and if you think this is possible.

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Your package looks quite nice, is the code for kukavarproxy available as well? I can't seem to find it anywhere?

Simon Schmeisser gravatar image Simon Schmeisser  ( 2016-01-18 11:16:06 -0500 )edit


thank you for your comment. Unfortunately only a compiled version of kukavarproxy is available on the repo. We are considering to release the proxy in the future.

Best regards, Filippo

filipposanfilippo gravatar image filipposanfilippo  ( 2016-01-18 11:43:24 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-03-07 09:00:14 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

Within ROS-Industrial we've recently created a special interest group for users of ROS and KUKA robots. Although sort-of focused on LWR manipulators, I'm pretty sure they will be interested in this as well (there are also members using KR120 and KR16 fi).

The Google group is ros-sig-kuka (it's currently a moderated list).

In the mean-time, you can always send a message to the ROS-Industrial mailing list, which is the best way to get in contact with the Industrial community.

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