Serial Communication with TI C2000

asked 2015-01-26 09:38:50 -0500

emreay gravatar image


I have a Texas Instruments C2000 type card (F28335) which I have programmed using Simulink. I will use it for motor controls on the mobile robot. I want to send velocity references to TI from its SCI-A port. So I will calculate the necessary velocity values for motors (or use navigation stack etc.) and I want to send these values from the USB of the laptop that the ros is running to the serial port of the card via an RS232-USB converter cable.

I don't want to use rosserial since I'm programming C2000 with simulink and can't use rosserial that way. Also I don't need to directly subscribe/publish on ROS environment. I just want to send simple data such as #100! and parse them on the microcontroller. How can I do that?


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