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i have two problems with the ros tool camera_calibration. I am trying to calibrate a stereo system of two high resolution cameras (2700x2200). The calibration itself works. It takes some time and i can't use it with the 15fps of the camera, because then it crashes, but if i wait a bit till i submit the next image it works.

The huge problem is, that the rectified images based on streo_img_proc are really slim in refence to the x-Axis in comparsion to the raw image. Its like 40% of the image not more. I mean of course their should be some losses at the sides, but that much?

The second problem ist the displacement of the rectified images. The middle point of the rectified images is not even close to the middle point of the raw images, in reference to the x-axis. For me thats a huge problem because i am trying to use the rectified images to triangulate some points with []. I am getting bad results for the x-position in the frame of the stereo-system, because of that displacement. Do i have to do some kind of coordinate transformation, between the original frame of the stereo system and the rectified one?

I am really looking for some help.

Thanks for your answer ;)

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Guess i solved it: The displacement is caused by th rectification process. The Poses of the camera are not canonical. They have an angle deffirence. But the displacement itself is constant, so i had just to calculate the displacement once.

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