Does microstrain_3DM-GX4-45 work with the 3DM-GX3-45?

asked 2014-12-17 23:55:02 -0600

JH_Kim gravatar image

Because the 3DM-GX4-45 sensor has a similar structure with 3DM-GX3-45 sensor, I thought it would work well modifying an existing package. ( )

So I modify some parameters, and face to some errors. (Pinging Device: Wrong command echo. Initialization failed. Setting to idle: Wrong command echo. Initailization failed.) Please tell me how you want to modify the package code.

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I'd like to use 3DM-GX4-45 in ROS node as well. Do you find some nodes or resolutions? If you find it, could you please tell it to me?

graziegrazie gravatar image graziegrazie  ( 2016-10-31 02:39:34 -0600 )edit