PhantomX Pincher shoulder pan rotated 90 degrees?

asked 2014-11-26 06:48:31 -0600

corb gravatar image

When I use the Arbotix package and Turtlebot_Arm package - if the physical arm shoulder pan is "forward" (relative to the shoulder pan servo/base and photos), it shows up as panned 90 degrees in the MoveIt/RVIZ/Motion Planner and in the Kinect Calibration setup. However, when I change turtlebot_arm_bringup/config/arm.yaml as follows, everything seems to work:

 arm_shoulder_pan_joint: {id: 1,  max_angle: 140, min_angle: -140, ...

I realize the Turtlebot_arm is defined mainly for the White/Green arm, but is there a reason this would be different on the PhantomX Pincher and do these values seem correct?

And, thanks to everyone that has put this together - amazing stuff!

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