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ROS-I Drivers - On which platforms do ROS and ROS-I run? [closed]

asked 2014-11-11 11:09:50 -0600

updated 2014-11-17 03:45:43 -0600

Hello there!

Some time passed since my last approach here, there were other things of higher priority to do so far. There is one more question I would like to clarify, which I didn't fully understand yet.

When browsing several drivers for the ROS-I Vendors, the data scheme pretty looks similar to the one of ROS. For instance the Motman Driver. Also the ABB, etc.

On which platforms do ROS and ROS-I run when connecting to an industrial robot controller?

For me I figured out the following:

  • PC: ROS and ROS-I
  • Controller: Some machine-language-specific driver

When I accord to the install tutorial of the ABB am I installing ROS-I on the controller in order to get the specific driver to run? I don't guess this is the clue of ROS-I. This is more or less how to use the controller-language-specific driver, that it interacts with ros?

Jeremy Zoss states in this Video at Minute 3:13, that a minimum requirement would be to write a programm that fulfills the communication issues is "enough". I interpret this as a controller-specific-code (the driver for ROS-I) that one needs to implement when connecting to a new controller. The graphic that he uses is in his presentation I interpret like my idea written above. (Once again:

  • PC: ROS and ROS-I
  • Controller: Some machine-language-specific driver


Or what it looks to me: - PC: ROS and ROS-I - Controller: Some ROS-I Version specifically changed for the controller and some machine-language-specific driver

So do I understand right?

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answered 2014-11-11 17:55:36 -0600

In general, ROS code (i.e. C++ clients) runs on the PC. These clients connect to servers on the robot controllers, written in a controller specific language. Generic clients are provided in ROS-I (in industrial_robot_clients). These clients can be used as is to connect to a controller with a server that support the simple message (in simple_message) protocol. However, some robots have special requirements (joint ordering, special handshaking, etc...). As a result specialization of the industrial_robot_client nodes have been written for those platforms (ABB, Fanuc, Motoman). In most cases, these clients inherit from the base clients, with only slight modification.

So in are right.

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