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can't convert uint8 to uint8 to republish a field from a message.

asked 2014-11-08 10:17:09 -0500

Nap gravatar image

This might sound like a really silly question but I've been trying to figure out the answer for the last two hours. :(
I have a Message that includes a uint8 field. In the callback that receives that message, I need to republish it after performing a calculation. I'm using a temporary variable, that is of the same class as the callback message type, and the republished message is a simple std_msgs::UInt8.

nxt::LegoNXTROS_Status currStatus;

void statusCallBack(const nxt::LegoNXTROS_Status::ConstPtr& msg) {
    currStatus.leftMotorEncoder = msg->leftMotorEncoder;
    currStatus.rightMotorEncoder = msg->rightMotorEncoder;
    currStatus.sonarSensor = msg->sonarSensor;
    currStatus.leftTouchSensor = msg->leftTouchSensor;
    currStatus.rightTouchSensor = msg->rightTouchSensor;
    std_msgs::UInt8 perturbedmsg = currStatus.sonarSensor; <<ERROR HERE

sWhiteNoiseAdder = nWhiteNoiseAdder.subscribe("LegoNXTROS_Status", 1000, statusCallBack);
pWhiteNoiseAdder = nWhiteNoiseAdder.advertise<std_msgs::UInt8>("PerturbedSonar",10);

Message Definition below:

# LegoNXTROS_Status message
# Defines the protocol for publishing the NXT robot's status.
uint16 leftMotorEncoder
uint16 rightMotorEncoder
uint8 sonarSensor
bool leftTouchSensor
bool rightTouchSensor

Could someone please help me through this?

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-11-08 17:09:35 -0500

kmhallen gravatar image

From message definition

std_msgs::UInt8 perturbedmsg; = currStatus.sonarSensor;
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Thank you for both the answer and the link.

Nap gravatar image Nap  ( 2014-11-08 18:38:35 -0500 )edit

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