audio_play stops after source pauses

asked 2014-10-27 06:25:30 -0600

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I am currently using audio_capture on one device to send audio and audio_play on another to play this stream. I noticed that after a while, the playback would stop and figured it might be because too many audio messages get lost and it stops the stream.

I noticed that the /audio topic still contains new data, so that is not an issue. If I restart the audio_play node it continues to play just fine.

I discovered that if you (even when on the same system) have both audio_play and audio_capture running, then kill audio_capture and restart it again, audio_play will not continue streaming. After some debugging in the code of audio_play and gstreamer, I discovered the following warning being emitted :

0:00:07.492848813 21184 0x7f5c0005ff30 WARN pulse pulsesink.c:651:gst_pulsering_stream_underflow_cb:<sink> Got underflow

This warning occurs when audio_capture stops sending data. No warnings occur when it starts to send data again, it seems to just get ignored. Any idea what to do ?

Best regards, Hans

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