Local path won't follow Global Path - Navigation

asked 2014-10-07 11:55:43 -0500

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I'm using the navigation with gmapping but without the amcl in a Pioneer 3-AT robot and a Kinect. I get the pointCloud2 from the /camera/depth/points and I use the configuration(.yaml) files from the p2os_launch package, with some modifications. Although I can see the local map, the global map, the point cloud, the footprint and the global_path correctly in RVIZ the robot is planning wrong local paths. While the global path is avoiding the obstacles, the local path goes almost(sometimes it does some awkward movings, near to the goal most of the times) straight to the goal and crashes in the obstacles in its way. Is it some kind of configuration I'm missing?

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Can you supply more information about your costmap yaml files? Local planner? Maybe your sensor sources aren't set up properly

l0g1x gravatar image l0g1x  ( 2014-10-13 10:31:24 -0500 )edit

If you're using DWA, you can also enable publish_cost_grid and have a look at the cost_cloud topic.

Mbuijs gravatar image Mbuijs  ( 2019-10-25 07:36:04 -0500 )edit