Running gzserver on EC2 and gzclient locally is not working [closed]

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So I have an AWS ec2 instance that I am trying to run gzserver on and then locally I want to connect to it with gzclient. I am working with gazebo-2.2

These are my steps:

AWS instance:

  1. ssh into instance (I try ssh -X, ssh -Y and ssh)
  2. source /usr/shared/gazebo/
  3. GAZEBO_IP=[aws_public_ip] GAZEBO_MASTER_URI=[aws_public_ip] gzserver worlds/


  1. source /usr/shared/gazebo/
  2. GAZEBO_IP=[local_public_ip] GAZEBO_MASTER_URI=[aws_public_ip] gzclient

The client appears to connect to the server. The gazebo GUI appears but the world does not, just a black screen. After some time both the server and client eventually crash.

But if I run both gzserver and gzclient on the same machine (AWS instance or locally) it works.

I setup my AWS instance and my machine to accept all traffic on all ports so I don't think that could be the problem.

Any ideas would help!

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