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asked 2014-09-02 14:00:29 -0500

dshimano gravatar image

Hi, I'm using Hydro on Ubuntu 12.04.

I have been using ROS for a few months, but have very little programming knowledge. I was asked to write a node to control a servo using a joystick (and Arduino). The most experience I have in this s controlling an AR Drone with a ps3 controller. I have looked at the Writing a Teleop node tutorial, but that’s it. I get what the script is doing, but that is not the same as knowing how to do it myself. Does anyone know of a good source to learn how to write such a node, preferably in python. Or, are there any scripts for controlling a servo with rosjoy? Thanks.

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answered 2014-09-03 20:15:13 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

There are lots of good places on the internet to learn python. I know a few people that like the codeacademy course:

The ROS tutorials are a good place to get started working with ROS.

The rospy publisher and subscriber tutorial goes through the basics of writing a simple publisher and subscriber in python.

The biggest trick to learning programming is that you have to practice a lot. Start with something close to what you want, and try to modify it to suit your purposes. Test early and often. There's usually a fair amount of failing in there as well.

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