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Autocomplete rospy

asked 2014-08-27 07:10:23 -0500

serdar gravatar image

I am learning how to programming in ROS hydro for my master thesis. I want to use auto complete of rospy libraries in an editor. I can enter commands like catkin_make, roslaunch from terminal, it is not problem. I tried Sublime Text 2 with SublimeJEDI. I added "python_package_paths": ["/opt/ros/hydro/lib/python2.7/dist-packages"], line to sublime_jedi.sublime-settings. It didn't autocomplete but when I removed this line and added another folder that contains my own code it autocompletes statement like charm. After that, I tried PyDev. I added that path as a library folder. PyDev autocompletes but when I traverse in list, Eclipse freezes and stops working. Is there any way to use autocomplete when using rospy ?

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answered 2014-08-27 07:45:21 -0500

Airuno2L gravatar image

I setup Eclipse the way described here and it works great. Have you tried that?

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I tried tutorial for Eclipse. Now I can import project but when I want to edit an python file eclipse freezes.

serdar gravatar image serdar  ( 2014-08-27 14:18:08 -0500 )edit

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