How to display a pcl_msgs/PolygonMesh in rviz? [closed]

asked 2013-11-14 07:11:51 -0600

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I have a node publishing meshes in a pcl_msgs/PolygonMesh typed topic. How can I visualize this in rviz?

I have searched around but can't find a plugin to do it. I could add publishing the mesh as an rviz Marker using the triangle list but was hoping rviz could display the pcl typed message directly.

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Did you find a soution, yet? Because I have a similar issue with a TextureMesh.

fergo gravatar image fergo  ( 2015-02-04 05:06:38 -0600 )edit

I haven't tried it yet, but there may be a way.

PCL can save to STL with savePolygonFileSTL which should be usable with RViz.

MatthiasMayr gravatar image MatthiasMayr  ( 2017-03-15 09:48:29 -0600 )edit