Cannot import custom message hydro

asked 2014-08-11 17:50:34 -0600

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updated 2014-08-11 17:51:14 -0600

I want to send my custom message "audio_common_msgs" in my ros Android project. What I have done: I successfully built the custom msg following tutorial: and tutorial:

Then I add the dependency to my dude project build.gradle:

dependencies { compile 'org.ros.android_core:android_gingerbread_mr1:0.1.+' compile 'org.ros.rosjava_core:rosjava:[0.1,)' compile project(':audio_common_msgs') //compile 'org.ros.rosjava_core:rosjava_tutorial_pubsub:[0.1,0.2)' //compile project(':android_gingerbread_mr1') }

Then I can see the dude project have dependency "audio_common_msgs" both on terminal and in the module setting dependency.

:audio_common_msgs:generateSources UP-TO-DATE
:audio_common_msgs:compileJava UP-TO-DATE
:audio_common_msgs:processResources UP-TO-DATE
:audio_common_msgs:classes UP-TO-DATE
:audio_common_msgs:jar UP-TO-DATE

However, I can not "import audio_common_msgs" in my application. Android Studio said it cannot resolve symble "audio_common_msgs". Why?

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