Difference in configuration files from pr2_moveit_generated and pr2_moveit_config

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Hi, I'm looking at the tutorials on the PR2 given on http://moveit.ros.org/wiki/PR2/Rviz_P... and http://moveit.ros.org/wiki/PR2/Gazebo... .

So I noticed that in the Rviz_plugin tutorial, they launch the file from the package pr2_moveit_config, while in the Gazebo tutorial, they launch it from the pr2_moveit_generated package. Now the first immediate difference I notice is that I'm missing an interactive marker when I do the Gazebo tutorial.

I look into the launch files of pr2_moveit_config and there are subtle differences than the pr2_moveit_generated. Why is this happening? Also, how do I restore the interactive markers?

Interesting side note: I used the Moveit! setup assistance to create a new configuration file for my robot, and the interactive marker appears, but not on the pr2_moveit_generated package.

ROS version: Groovy Ubuntu: 12.04 LTS I installed Moveit! using this: http://moveit.ros.org/groovy/wiki/Ins... .

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Had to break the links cuz my "karma is insufficient to include links"...

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