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KDL for a 21 dof robot

asked 2014-06-16 13:04:52 -0500

Dante gravatar image


I work with the kdl, but i dont know how to determine the angle Limits. Someone an idea?


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answered 2014-06-17 04:18:29 -0500

Your question has very limited information on what you actually want to achieve (calculate forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, inverse dynamics, wrenches, twists etc.?). I´d recommend looking at (and possible using) MoveIt!. It provides advanced capabilities or motion planning, but also basic kinematics functionality described here. If you´re more interested in the low level control side of things, this cartesian controller implementation for ros_control demonstrates how you can read a URDF file and initialize KDL objects from it.

As you might have noted, the recommended first step is to generate a URDF model or your robot, as this makes use of KDL (and many other tools in the ROS ecosystem) much easier.

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hi thanks for you answer. I find that I want to calculate the center of mass from the robot. int main(){ NAOKinematics nkin; nkin2.calculateCoMChain((Frames)HEAD, (Frames)(FR_BASE_T+CHAIN_HEAD), HEAD_SIZE, m); sumc=nkin2; summass=m; return 0; } Something is wrong. Someone an idea?

Dante gravatar image Dante  ( 2014-06-20 07:13:44 -0500 )edit

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