Human Hand Tracking ROS Hydro

asked 2014-06-01 08:42:12 -0500

ktiwari9 gravatar image

Does anybody have a C++ code that can track human hands and is compatible with ROS Hydro ?

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Please add more details instead of just coming here and saying, "Give me the answer"

Athoesen gravatar image Athoesen  ( 2014-06-02 15:01:12 -0500 )edit

So basically I wanted to implement a ROS Node that is compatible with ROS Hydro and can be used for a Baxter to detect and track human hands. I am quite new to ROS and I have no clue how this project can be realised. Any suggestions ?

ktiwari9 gravatar image ktiwari9  ( 2014-06-02 18:17:34 -0500 )edit