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Callback of actionlib_msgs::GoalStatusArray fails

asked 2014-05-28 17:30:33 -0500

RalphA gravatar image

updated 2014-05-28 17:32:37 -0500


I am writing a node that subscribes to an actionlib_msgs::GoalStatusArray message. The callback code is:

  move_base_status_sub = n.subscribe<actionlib_msgs::GoalStatusArray>("/move_base/status", 50, &rviz_text::move_base_statusCallback, this);


void rviz_text::move_base_statusCallback(const actionlib_msgs::GoalStatusArrayConstPtr& msg)
  actionlib_msgs::GoalStatusArray status_array = *msg;   
  uint32_t sequence = status_array.header.seq;
  // sequence is read successfully 

  actionlib_msgs::GoalStatus status_list_entry = status_array.status_list[0]; 
  // status_list_entry is read unsuccessfully. The above line causes a seg fault at runtime. 

I am able to read the header of the GoalStatusArray, but unable to read the status_list array. I get a segmentation fault when doing so.

I seem to be doing an error when trying to access the first element of status_array.status_list. Do you see any syntax error in my code?

The GoalStatusArray and GoalStatus messages definitions can be found on:

GoalStatusArray message

GoalStatus message

My callback function is subscribing to the /move_base/status topic. The messages on this topic look like the following:

  seq: 52
    secs: 1400564326
    nsecs: 841550350
  frame_id: ''
        secs: 1400564318
        nsecs: 321941901
      id: /move_base-1-1400564318.321941901
    status: 1
    text: This goal has been accepted by the simple action server

My setup:

  • ROS fuerte
  • Ubuntu 12.04

Do you have a clue why my code is failing?

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-06-18 11:04:04 -0500

Manolis Chiou gravatar image

updated 2014-06-18 12:01:56 -0500

I had exactly the same problem. Basically until move_base receives its first goal the status_list[] is empty. Thus, when you try to access it creates a memory problem as status_list[] is empty/not allocated. You can use the vector.empty() function that returns 1 if the vector is empty...for example status_list.empty() will return 1 if a goal was not given to move_base.

Here is my example code on how to protect your callback:

void StatusPublisher::navStatusCallBack(const actionlib_msgs::GoalStatusArray::ConstPtr& status)
 if (!status->status_list.empty())
     actionlib_msgs::GoalStatus goalStatus = status->status_list[0];
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