Object detection with PCL and CMVISION problem...! [closed]

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Hello dear friends,

I am new in ROS and PCL, I have a question,

I am searching a way to detect a colored object with Kinect, I chose to use CMVISION package to detect the object and have the coordinates of the object BUT in the image like :


red: 157
green: 2
blue: 23
area: 147
x: 441
y: 368
left: 430
right: 450
top: 359
bottom: 374

And for having the X, Y, Z of the object by Kinect (the 3D localization) I want to use PCL, it means that I write a program that as Input I give that my X_image and Y_image, then it gives me back X, Y, Z,

I dont know hoe to do this, I know that you should make a CLOUD, then from a CLOUD (pcl::PointCloud<pcl::pointxyz> cloud) you can have access to POINTS, and then to then from Points we could have access to X, Y,and Z,

But I dont know how to do this Input to PCL,

I appreciate a lot your help.



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