typegen doesn't work in rtt_ros_integration?

asked 2014-02-18 18:45:05 -0500

Fred gravatar image

updated 2014-02-18 18:46:23 -0500

Hi all:

I'm currently using ros-hydro on ubuntu12.04 64bits. I installed rtt_ros_integration follow this exactly:


Everything works fine except the typegen. when I try to execute typegen,it shows some error:

Cannot require 'typelib' If you are using Rock, the 'typelib' package should have been installed automatically. First, make sure that you have loaded autoproj's env.sh script before continuing Second, typelib should be installed in tools/typelib from the root of your Rock installation. If it is not the case, report this to the rock developers. To workaround, run amake typelib and try again.

I don't know that is going on. Do I miss something?

I want to use own data type in rtt.So is the typegen the only way or do I have other options? Thanks very much.

BTW: I'm using xenomai patched kernel and build the rtt_ros_integration with xenomai target.

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