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Beginner on ROS,PIC 16/18

asked 2012-02-08 09:15:03 -0500

Dragos gravatar image

Hi there, i am working to a robot similar to iRobot and i've seen ROS navigation on youtube and i'm impressed. So i what to use it on my robot but i dont know if ROS is compatible with PIC 16/18 microcontroller that i am using. Please tell me if i can use it and recommand me some tutorials. Have a nice day and thx for help

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-02-08 09:57:50 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

updated 2012-02-11 13:04:16 -0500

ROS is designed to run on full computers; not microcontrollers.

You need a full computer with at least several hundred MB of RAM (1GB is better) and a reasonably fast processor (1GHz+) to run navigation.

You may be able to port rosserial to your PIC and use it to pass control signals to and from a PC running ROS.


For Linux, I recommend downloading and installing Ubuntu. It's very easy and ROS is well-supported on ubuntu.

For ROS in general, start with the ROS Tutorials.

You'll want to either write a custom protocol and driver node to communicate with your PIC, or port rosserial to the PIC and use the rosserial driver to communicate over a serial port.

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answered 2012-02-11 07:22:01 -0500

Dragos gravatar image

I'm sorry if i didn't express myself clear. I mean sincronizing my pc with ros on it with my Pic 16/18. I have little to nothing knowledge about linux so maybe someone could send me some documentation about ros because i didn't find something compact, i need something from A to Z(some introduction part to final part), because all i found 'till now were incomplete documentations. Thanks

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In the future, please edit your original question for clarification, ROS answers is meant to be a question and answer type site, not a discussion forum, and answers may change order over time.
mjcarroll gravatar image mjcarroll  ( 2012-02-12 06:35:21 -0500 )edit

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