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Setting up emacs with rosemacs

asked 2012-02-02 02:08:26 -0600

wkr101 gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:11:15 -0600

ngrennan gravatar image

I followed the information for installing rosemacs but this has presented me with some problems. For starters, I didn't have a .emacs file so I created one from scratch (not sure if that's what is supposed to be done). I tried editing this file in both ways described but I keep getting errors.

Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading /home/usr/.emacs':
File error: Cannot open load file, rosemacs
To ensure normal operation, you should investigate and remove the
cause of the error in your initialization file.  Start Emacs with
the--debug-init' option to view a complete error backtrace.

I did exactly that, opening emacs in debug mode through the command line:

$emacs --debug-init

This yields the following in the scratch area once emacs is open:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (file-error "Opening directory" "permission denied" "/home/usr/.emacs.d/auto-save-list/")
 directory-files("~/.emacs.d/auto-save-list/" nil "\`\.saves-" t)
 (and auto-save-list-file-prefix (file-directory-p (file-name-directory auto-save-list-file-prefix)) (directory-files (file-name-directory auto-save-list-file-prefix) nil (concat "\`" ...) t))
  delete-process(#<process *rostopic-tracker*&gt;)="" (progn="" (message="" "cancelling="" existing="" rostopic="" tracker")="" (delete-process="" old-proc))="" (if="" old-proc="" (progn="" (message="" "cancelling="" existing="" rostopic="" tracker")="" (delete-process="" old-proc)))="" (when="" old-proc="" (message="" "cancelling="" existing="" rostopic="" tracker")="" (delete-process="" old-proc))="" (let="" ((old-proc="" ...))="" (when="" old-proc="" (message="" "cancelling="" existing="" rostopic="" tracker")="" (delete-process="" old-proc)))="" (let="" ((name="" "<em="">rostopic-tracker")) (let (...) (when old-proc ... ...)) (when (> interval 0) (let ... ... ...)))
  (progn (add-to-list (quote load-path) checked-result) (require (quote rosemacs)) (invoke-rosemacs))
  (progn (progn (add-to-list ... checked-result) (require ...) (invoke-rosemacs)))
  (if checked-result (progn (progn ... ... ...)))
  (when checked-result (progn (add-to-list ... checked-result) (require ...) (invoke-rosemacs)))
  (let* ((result ...) (checked-result ...)) (when checked-result (progn ... ... ...)))
  eval-buffer(#<buffer *load*&gt;="" nil="" "="" home="" usr="" .emacs"="" nil="" t)="" ;="" reading="" at="" buffer="" position="" 517="" load-with-code-conversion("="" home="" usr="" .emacs"="" "="" home="" usr="" .emacs"="" t="" t)="" load("~="" .emacs"="" t="" t)="" <="" code="">

If anyone has an idea as to what might be going on please let me know.

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Could you post the relevant part of your .emacs as well?
Ugo gravatar imageUgo ( 2012-02-02 03:25:48 -0600 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2012-02-02 05:45:15 -0600

Ugo gravatar image

Ho! Apparently you don't have the permission to browse this directory:

(file-error "Opening directory" "permission denied" "/home/usr/.emacs.d/auto-save-list/")

This can be solved by running:

sudo chmod -R a+rw /home/usr/.emacs.d

Hope this helps.

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BINGO!! Thanks Ugo, that solved it! I had a feeling it would be something simple like that.
wkr101 gravatar imagewkr101 ( 2012-02-02 21:56:44 -0600 )edit
Happy to help :) You should probably select this as the correct answer then.
Ugo gravatar imageUgo ( 2012-02-02 22:02:48 -0600 )edit
I didn't see an option for this. Is it the "mark answer as favorite" (checkmark) option? If so, I just did that.
wkr101 gravatar imagewkr101 ( 2012-02-02 22:43:22 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-02-02 06:17:09 -0600

Mac gravatar image

Your .emacs file is a per-user configuration file; it should be in /home/whatever, not in /usr, which is for system libraries and shared data.

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Sorry, I must have confused you with the naming convention. It's not in /usr it's in the home directory as you stated. It's just that the "whatever" is called "usr" in this case.
wkr101 gravatar imagewkr101 ( 2012-02-02 21:52:51 -0600 )edit

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