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Run node debug on a remote master

asked 2016-05-11 09:46:17 -0500

alessiocpt gravatar image

Hello everyone,

I have a question about IDEs and debugging.

I am currently working with a Baxter robot that has its own ROS core so whenever I need to launch a node I do that from a terminal where I set the master uri and other necessary variables (this is usually done automatically by a provided script). As my project becomes more complex it would be useful to use my IDE debugging utility but I could not find an option or a workaround to tell the IDE to run my code the same way.

Maybe you can give me a hint? I am currently using IntelliJ IDEs (pyCharm, IDEA, CLion) and I am mainly interested in the Python part.

Thank you!

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-06-29 11:36:33 -0500

alessiocpt gravatar image

Finally found the problem. Apparently, you just need to launch pycharm from a baxterized terminal and it will work. Just sorucing ROS or modifying the desktop file as reported on the ROS wiki is obviously not enough. Still, it would to have a way to set this inside the project or launch a "baxterized" PyCharm from the desktop launcher.

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