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How to modify the slam_gmapping node on a turtlebot?

asked 2014-01-28 16:11:21 -0500

gershon gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 16:18:11 -0500

I want to modify the slam_gmapping node on my Turtlebot (Kobuki) (Ubuntu 12.04).

I have a working catkin workspace and have built my own nodes that work with slam_gmapping, but now I want to modify it.

I downloaded the slam_gmapping source to my workspace and tried to build it, but get this error...

-- ==> add_subdirectory(slam_gmapping/gmapping) CMake Error at /opt/ros/groovy/share/catkin/cmake/catkinConfig.cmake:72 (find_package): Could not find a configuration file for package openslam_gmapping.

Set openslam_gmapping_DIR to the directory containing a CMake configuration file for openslam_gmapping. The file will have one of the following names:


How does one "set openslam_gmapping_DIR"? is that a line in some file? But even if it were, neither of those suggested files exist on this system.

this is the failing line:

find_package(catkin REQUIRED nav_msgs openslam_gmapping roscpp rostest tf)

It seems openslam_gmapping package does not exist on this machine (at least not with that name) in any workspace. Maybe it was built special for the Turtlebot under a different name? I don't have any need to build the openslam_gmapping package, just to reference the built one. I know it exists somewhere because I can successfully build maps and "rosrun gmapping slam_gmapping".

Any suggestions?

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I thought this might be an issue of needing a proper "overlay". I followed the instructions on (substituting slam_gmapping for the tutorials) but got the same error.

gershon gravatar image gershon  ( 2014-01-28 17:50:15 -0500 )edit

@gershon hi, gmapping pacakge uses libraries built from openslam_gmapping. clone openslam_gmapping and overlay if you want to edit files of openslam_gmapping.

bvbdort gravatar image bvbdort  ( 2014-01-29 10:17:49 -0500 )edit

Hi bvb. I'm quite new at this. By "clone openslam_gmappnig" I think I need to use subversion (svn) to get it on my machine, right? Or is there another location? Also I thought "overlay" was a ROS/Catkin concept... how does it work with other projects?

gershon gravatar image gershon  ( 2014-01-29 12:51:09 -0500 )edit

i mean "git clone" or if you are not using git, just download source as zip , extract and use.

bvbdort gravatar image bvbdort  ( 2014-01-30 01:04:20 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-01-29 14:21:05 -0500

gershon gravatar image

I finally figured this out. The problem was that if you follow the links to the openslam_gmapping dependency from the slam_gmapping page it takes to a site that provides a svn (subversion) repository that has nothing to do with ROS or Catkin. I had no idea how to integrate that and get it building with Catkin. Good news is, that there is a ROS/GIT repository for openslam_gmapping and it is Catkin, so when I finally got that everything builds fine and the instructions for Overlaying make it so I can build and run my versions. Yay.

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answered 2014-01-29 05:31:59 -0500

Vincent Rabaud gravatar image

openslam_gmappinng is a non-ROS package. gmapping and slam_gmapping are though. So you should replace openslam_gmapping with any of those in your find_package(catkin ...) if you need them. If you just need openslam_gmapping, you can just go with a find_package(openslam_gmapping).

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The package it cannot find is "openslam_gmapping". If I remove that I get a compilation error in glam_gmapping.h:28:53 fatal error: gmapping/gridfastslam/gridslamprocessor.h: No such file or direcotory. If I move a bunch of include files to finally successfully compile around then I get link errors

gershon gravatar image gershon  ( 2014-01-29 06:13:03 -0500 )edit
Vincent Rabaud gravatar image Vincent Rabaud  ( 2014-02-07 01:26:46 -0500 )edit

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