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Downloading older version of diamondback?

asked 2011-11-20 17:22:44 -0500

SeongUk Han gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:10:50 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image

Hi, I am developing some ROS nodes based on July's version of diamondback, and I wanted to install same version of ROS. So, I installed up-to-dated version of ROS diamondback, uniquely downloadable version, and there is some bugs that are difficult to debug; I spent more than two weeks to try to debug this. Is there any way to get older version of diamondback? Best Regards

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3 Answers

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answered 2011-11-21 07:30:57 -0500

Wim gravatar image

It is possible to check out an older version of ros, but it's not trivial at all. In theory you should never have to check out an older version of ros. Newer versions of a distribution only contain bugfixes that do not break the API.

So, if you want to try it anyway, here is what you should do:

  • Check out an older version of the distro file you care about. E.g. check out "" for diamondback.
  • This rosdistro file specifies the version of each of the stacks you need to reconstruct the older release
  • Now you could manually install all the right versions of all stacks, but that could be a lot of work, depending on how much of the distro you need. Alternatively, you can use the generate_rosinstall tool in the ros_release stack to automatically create a rosinstall file for you. The ros_release stack is here:
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answered 2011-11-21 03:46:12 -0500

DimitriProsser gravatar image

If you were to check out the svn for diamondback:

svn co

and then issue the following command:

svn update -r 14280

it would pull down the version of diamondback from 7/12/11. You can try to discern the exact revision that you want more carefully, that was just the first date I found.

How I did this: in your favorite SVN repo browser (TortoiseSVN for me), add the diamondback repo and click "log" or similar. This will allow you to see all of the changes and you can choose the appropriate revision.

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answered 2011-11-21 20:04:31 -0500

updated 2011-11-21 20:05:55 -0500

I think @Wim's answer is the way to go, but I thought I'd just add one more alternative, using Deb packages. If you believe a Debian update of the ROS packages broke something, you can sometimes go back to a known working version like this:

  • Read the logs in /var/log/apt/ to find out the exact versions you would like to re-install.
  • Hopefully, the corresponding .deb packages are still in /var/cache/apt. If they're not, you're out of luck, because the repository server only keeps the newest version of each package.
  • Use dpkg -i to install those deb packages.

I used this successfully once to undo a package upgrade, only to find out that my bug wasn't the upgrade's fault after all. :-)

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