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Android app not found on Market

asked 2011-11-15 02:23:06 -0600

130s gravatar image

updated 2011-11-15 11:24:07 -0600

I haven't been able to find ROS' android app in MARKET on my phone (Samsung Sidekick, Firmware: 2.2.1) by doing what's described in the wiki page above (As of now, Nov 15, '11) after searching by "Willow Garage" the result only shows so-called "Science Pro" app. Any tips?

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-11-15 03:16:55 -0600

seth_g gravatar image

Scan the QR code at the page from your link: QR

Or go to the Android Market and send the applications to your phone. You will have to sign in but you will then be prompted on which device to send the application to.

Hope that helps.


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@seth_g thanks. This navigates me to ROS app (However as @ben pointed out, my phone doesn't fulfill the requirement so I can't install the app for now...)
130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2011-11-15 06:23:38 -0600 )edit

answered 2011-11-15 03:20:24 -0600

ben gravatar image

It looks like your firmware may be too old. It seems like it requires version 2.3 and up.

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@ben thanks. Where can I see that requirement? And the producer of my phone says 2.2 is the latest for my phone, which might mean there's no way for my phone to use ROS app as of today...
130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2011-11-15 06:21:51 -0600 )edit
Click on the 'Android Market' link that Seth posted and then click on anyone of the ROS Apps and on the right sidebar you'll see the minimum requirements.
ben gravatar image ben  ( 2011-11-15 07:26:55 -0600 )edit

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