build openrave package using rosmake problem!

asked 2014-01-18 12:52:24 -0500

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I have a problem building the openrave_planning package to make it work with ROS Fuerte. My computer is running under Ubuntu 12.04 The error is basically in the file called, "xmlreaders-core.cpp", at line 98. This file is located at: "home/user/openrave_planning/openrave/openrave_git/src/libopenrave-core.cpp"

It is written as:

*const unsigned int severity = Logger::DEBUGGING|Logger::INFO|Logger::WARN|Logger::ERR;*

However it should be like this (Capital letters is the problem):

*const unsigned int severity = Logger::Debugging|Logger::Info|Logger::Warn|Logger::Err;*

I try to edit it manually, and it worked well when I built the package with command "make", but whenever I type rosmake openrave, the file is recreated again with the same error.

Any idea how to fix that?

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