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Correct pose topic could not be subscribed via rviz

asked 2011-10-31 21:29:38 -0600

alfa_80 gravatar image

updated 2011-11-01 06:26:37 -0600

I have defined a pose topic as below:

    pose_pub = n.advertise<geometry_msgs::Pose>("new_pose", 50);

But then, after assigning all related fields for position and orientation and also publishing it, I cannot opt for the topic of "/new_pose" under pose message. Instead, it offers me a topic which I never define it (goal(geometry_msgs/PoseStamped)). There is also a warning there saying that "no messages received". However, if I issue "rostopic echo -c /new_pose", there are changing values of position and orientation.

What is the possible culprit for this? I'm on ROS Electric anyway..

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1 Answer

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answered 2011-11-01 05:46:24 -0600

Brian Gerkey gravatar image

Try publishing a geometry_msgs/PoseStamped message, instead of a geometry_msgs/Pose message. rviz needs the frame ID and time (that's what's in the "stamp") to be able to transform and display data.

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How do I define the id, like in laser scanner we can do "scan.header.frame_id = "laser_frame";", when I try pose., it's not there header as a member function..
alfa_80 gravatar image alfa_80  ( 2011-11-01 06:25:30 -0600 )edit
oo, I've just got to invoke for the member function..thanks a lot..
alfa_80 gravatar image alfa_80  ( 2011-11-01 06:41:52 -0600 )edit

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