NameError: global name 'MoveCartAction' is not defined [closed]

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Hi, I want to contorl my schunk LWA3 arm,then I installed the electic care-o-bot (ubuntu 11.04),when i run the following command : roslaunch cob_arm solo.launch there occurs a error which is File "/opt/ros/electric/stacks/cob_driver/cob_manipulator/ros/src/", line 103, in <module> mc = move_cart() File "/opt/ros/electric/stacks/cob_driver/cob_manipulator/ros/src/", line 24, in __init__ self.as_ = actionlib.SimpleActionServer("move_cart", MoveCartAction, execute_cb=self.cbMoveCart) NameError: global name 'MoveCartAction' is not defined [arm_controller/move_cart-4] process has died [pid 8066, exit code 1]. I didn't change anything in those packages, did the source code have problems? For I am a new in using ROS, please tell me where should i define the global name 'MoveCartAction',thank you for your reply.

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