trouble building packages (missing Cmake config files)

asked 2014-01-10 09:32:27 -0600

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I'm new to ROS, and I thought it'd be fun to try and set up the "Robot Photographer" project (github/manfredzab/robot-photographer) on my TurtleBot.

However, when I attempt to build the source, I get several errors about missing Find< packageName >.cmake files, as used by the "find_package" function in CMAKE.

Most of these errors pertain to packages that only exist as part of the source (i.e "rp_camera") and aren't actually compiled at this point. As such I'm guessing they're used to set up include paths so that other packages that need them will be able to include them using a "global" include path (for example, < myfile.h >, as opposed to "mylocalfile.h").

My question is, how can I build this project without any of these files? As the source ships without any of this information, I'm assuming it can't be impossible or even difficult, yet I have no idea how to proceed. I can't see how I can create these "find" files to tell cmake where it can find the package files.

Is there any way I can hardcode the path to a package when used with "find_package" in CMAKE? Or is there a better way? I don't know what the normal procedure is when trying to build someone else's code for ROS.

For reference, I'm using Groovy (the same version the code was created in)

Thanks in advance, An ROS Newbie

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