OpenNI UserCalibration.bin and skelton under ubuntu [closed]

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Hello, mayebe i'm off topic because i'm not using ROS operating system. but i think that this could be a good place and you folks mayebe could help me. in case, sorry for the off topic.

i'm trying Openframeworks addons ofxOpenNI[1], under ubuntu 10.10 with openni version 1.4.1 and i can compile and i can detect skeltons and use correctly the function XnUserGenerator::GetUserPixels. But i get segmentation fault when i try to access to joint position with user_generator.GetSkeltonCap().GetSkeltonJointPosition

in particular i have seen than in the code i'm using everytime i try to acces to a joint position i fall down in this if branch:

XnSkeletonJointPosition a,b;
user_generator.GetSkeletonCap().GetSkeletonJointPosition(id, rLimb.start_joint, a);
user_generator.GetSkeletonCap().GetSkeletonJointPosition(id, rLimb.end_joint, b);
if(a.fConfidence < 0.3f || b.fConfidence < 0.3f) {
    cout << "dudee" << endl;
    rLimb.found = false; 

everytime i try to access a joint in consolle i have 'dudee' printed out.

I really don't know what to do and i am getting crazy with this problem.

I know i have to use a UserCalibration.bin file, i found it on the net and i'm using it but probabilly i have to redo it with my openni and my kinect version. i don't know how to do it. i've found some sources [2] but i'm getting this error:

userGen.Create : Can't create any node of the requested type! Segmentation fault

some help or also a simple nonsense advice could be appreciated. thanks



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