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prosilica calibration freezes during calibration step

asked 2011-09-19 17:07:34 -0500

ben gravatar image

updated 2011-09-19 17:08:39 -0500

I don't have any experience calibrating the prosilica camera on the PR2. I followed this tutorial but the calibration process tends to freeze up on me.


  1. PR2 is plugged into the basestation. Ran this whole process from the basestation as well.
  2. v1.0.0 of pr2_calibration on the robot.

What I did:

  1. Ran: roslaunch pr2_calibration_launch calibrate_prosilica.launch
  2. Moved around the checkerboard until the 'Calibrate' button showed up.
  3. Clicked on 'Calibrate'
  4. Nothing happens for at least a half hour.....'top' tells me that the cameracalibration process takes %86 of the CPU.
  5. I eventually kill it.

What am I doing wrong? Am I not waiting long enough?

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1 Answer

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answered 2011-09-20 02:45:29 -0500

ben gravatar image

As it turns out, it just needed more time to run. I left it overnight and by the time I came in this morning it completed, and the 'save' and 'commit' buttons were displayed.

Lesson learned: Calibration can take a while. Be patient.

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updated the wiki, thanks for the report.
hsu gravatar image hsu  ( 2011-09-21 06:26:04 -0500 )edit
Yikes. For the record, camera_calibration has been significantly overhauled in ROS Electric, and should be much faster.
Patrick Mihelich gravatar image Patrick Mihelich  ( 2011-09-21 10:15:15 -0500 )edit

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