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rosmake or rosbuild?

asked 2011-09-07 08:03:35 -0600

HZ gravatar image

Hi All,

I want to develop some ROS packages which contain libraries for other packages to use, and have some questions about the development process:

1) Should I use rosmake or rosbuild to compile and build my packages? 2) Which files should I modify to create libraries (.so files) instead of executables?

Thanks, HZ

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answered 2011-09-07 08:39:33 -0600

Mac gravatar image

From the rosbuild wiki page:

"To build packages, use rosmake."

rosbuild is the name of the library of build-support tools; rosmake is the command you run to actually build stuff. Assuming you're developing your code just for ROS use (as distinct from implementing a ROS wrapper around some library that needn't be / isn't ROS-aware), you should do everything in CMakeLists.txt in your package's root directory. (Everything except setting the exports; that's in manifest.xml).

If you want to compile libraries, use the rosbuild_add_library macro; see the rosbuild wikipage for some examples, and the default CMakeLists.txt that roscreate-pkg gives you.

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Thanks a lot. It seems I asked a silly question... type in "rosbuild" in terminal, and get: "rosbuild: command not found"
HZ gravatar image HZ  ( 2011-09-07 10:12:01 -0600 )edit
If you like my answer, accept is (there's a checkbox). That way, more karma for me!
Mac gravatar image Mac  ( 2011-09-07 14:23:27 -0600 )edit

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