rosserial_arduino CMake Tutorial

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I've completed the previous tutorials, but I'm having problems with

ROS Groovy on Raspberry Pi Raspbian with Arduino 1.01

When I run

$ make chatter

I get

g++     chatter.cpp   -o chatter
chatter.cpp:6:22: fatal error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [chatter] Error 1

I read that WProgram.h is now named Arduino.h so I updated that in chatter.cpp, but I get the same error about not finding Arduino.h.

I confirmed the Arduino.h file does exist.

$ locate Arduino.h

I think the issue may be related to this line in the CMakeLists.txt file


I'm not able to locate the referenced file and don't know where to get it.

The closest related files I can find are these.

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