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I am interested in using the Eclipse IDE to develop code in ROS. The node that I am developing uses the Eigen package. I am able to compile the node using rosmake and I am able to run it using rosrun.

I did "make eclipse" in the project directory, and succesfully imported it into Eclipse. My problem is that when I try to build the project from within Eclipse, it returns the following error:

Invalid arguments ' Candidates are: Eigen::Matrix<double,-1,-1,0,-1,-1&gt; &amp;="" setzero(?)="" eigen::matrix<double,-1,-1,0,-1,-1&gt;="" &amp;="" setzero(?,="" ?)'<="" em="">

caused by the following line:


where sensed_features is a standard MatrixXd.

It seems to me that Eclipse is not able to understand Eigen's DenseIndex typedef, which is what the question marks in the error message should be reading.

How do I get Eclipse to play nice with Eigen? I am very much a newbie in using Eclipse, so don't count on me thinking of the obvious solutions.

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