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I was the one that posted issue number 200 on github. This has been fixed as joq stated (at least for me) and I have not re-encountered the issue. Can you confirm you have the latest packages? Note that catkin is a work in progress so you have to pull packages from the shadow-fixed repository and not the normal public repository.

Also, did you source the correct setup file? If you use catkin_init_workspace in your overlay workspace, then either:

1) source setup.bash in build/develspace/



make install

source install/setup.bash

Both will automatically overlay your workspace on top of the system installed /opt/ros/groovy as it recognizes catkin is in /opt/ros/groovy. Even if you sourced another file, the appropriate environment variables will be overwritten.

Oh and also, in catkin, the variable ROS_PACKAGE_PATH is mainly there for backwards compatibility. What is important with catkin is the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH variable, please makes sure to note the value of that as well.