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I actually found the issue. I had copied/pasted the definition for the ray sensor, and had not paid attention to the fact that the min_angle/max_angle vlaues for the scan element were in degrees, and not radians. After changing these values, and providing a proper pose to identify where the beam originates its link, and everything started working perfectly.

Here's what my sensor definition looks like now:

<gazebo reference="sensor_fl_range_1">
    <sensor type="ray" name="sensor_fl_range_1">
        <pose>0.0025 0 0 0 0 0</pose>
        <plugin filename="" name="gazebo_ros_range">

I also wouldn't recommend using this robot definition as good example, due to the fact that I used joints for the creation of my caster wheels. I discovered, after a good bit of reading last night, that this is in fact a really bad idea.