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Q1) That's the host OS. The docker images vary based on the targets.

Q2) The ROS 2 CI setup is a separate system that we use for core development. You can see it at: We reuse as much of the existing tools as possible.

Q3) It is recommended to fork the config because it's expected that the buildfarm agents automatically update from the config regularly. If you modify the checkout locally it will be overwritten the next time that the machine automatically updates. It also means that when you setup a new agent your configuration is available and consistent across all the machines.

Q4) The documentation is how we setup and run the production build farm at They are optimized to be able to be reproducible at the scale of whole or partial rosdistros across multiple target platforms and be maintained over time. There is a good amount of setup required. There is definitely more opportunity to make it easier to stand up a buildfarm but there are diminishing returns as we try to automate more and more of the steps. And there's many areas that need to be customized for individual hosting configurations etc. If you're looking to just build a few packages it's likely that lighter weight solutions are better for your needs.