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I believe this is a topic that is going to be discussed at the next MoveIt maintainers meeting.

Partly. I believe Cartesian velocity and splines were not a topic recently. The big topic lately was/is jump detection for IK-based interpolation (i.e. computeCartesianPath).

I pretty much agree with you Brett, more extensions for Cartesian trajectories would enhance MoveIt a lot these days. I know more than one group that claims to "use MoveIt", but never touched the planning functionality. They would appreciate better support for Cartesian trajectories too.

In my opinion, the simplest extension is to implement fixed eef-velocity profiles for the Cartesian path planning service. We just add a full-limits IPTP parameterization there at the moment and adjusting the time profile there to slow down everything to the eef-speed of the slowest trajectory segment is certainly possible. It would be nice to have such a function available in moveit_core/trajectory_processing.

Splines and blending are very high on my personal wish list, but I don't have the resources to look into this myself and it has not been discussed at all where/how to add them in MoveIt. Help there is more than welcome! Just open issues with your ideas and others can provide more input.

One more point that is involved here is that the computeCartesianPath support is not properly integrated as a Planner(Manager) in MoveIt - One side-effect of this is that there is no velocity/acceleration scaling factor for the Cartesian trajectories. Multiple maintainers are unhappy with this situation. Sadly changing this also implies that we need to have some more glue code that is not yet written.