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Hi Cerin ... I'm sorry don't have an answer for you but just wanted to connect to someone else trying to use Monocular Slam since I'm not getting any answers to my question posed several months ago [... search for this string in the Answers Forum: "How to display a 3D Map on RVIZ using ORB_SLAM2?". Please read that to understand where I am with ROS and Slam. Are you using ORB SLAM or ORB SLAM2? It's my understanding that you only get a depth 'scaled' map using a monocular camera since there is no Lidar or other range measurement device. The article links you provided are very interesting as an approach to extract depth from a singe camera. As a Software Developer, I've done some image processing in the past to extract image features for automatic object recognition and classification for the defense industry. If you think we can help each other, please contact me at Thanks, Phil