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I recently build it for Ubuntu 14.04 and summarized the steps. In case you do not want to use Ubuntu 14.04 you will probably have to build most of the packages named in the following by yourself:

  1. Download and install the latest Android Studio from Google. Make sure to install the required SDK Build Tools and adjust the environment variables according to:
  2. Download and install ros-indigo according to:
  3. Download and build the core sources of rosjava following the steps described at: (Steps 3.2 and 3.3 can be omitted).
  4. Download and build the core android libraries and import them to Android Studio (there's an example app available) according to:
  5. Start developing new ros-android apps.

If you want to stick with Windows or in general want to skip the source installation of rosjava it is probably the most suitable and easiest way to use the dependencies from the maven repositories in your *.gradle build file in Android Studio:

repositories { maven { url '' } }